Corporate Team Bonding

We have conducted many team bonding workshops for our corporate clients since 2017. Our clients include small-medium enterprises (SMEs), multi national companies (MNCs) with offices globally and government ministries / agencies. We have also managed art booths / activities open to the staff and/or the public for up to 1,000 pax.


Why Us?

  • An experienced and reliable team of dedicated professionals with good testimonials from our clients
  • We have conducted countless team bonding for groups ranging from 10 to 150 participants
  • We have conducted art events / booths open to the public, catering for up to 1,000 participants
  • Strong list of clientele including local banks, various government ministries, SMEs, MNCs, schools, NTUC, People’s Association and private clubs.


Some of clients include:

Some of our team bonding activities include:

  • Canvas painting
  • Tote bag painting
  • Bear painting
  • Sneakers / Shoes painting
  • Clay making / modelling
  • Nagomi art
  • Watercolour / Coffee painting
  • Eco-casting (Using terrazzo / marbling techniques to make trays, pots and ornaments)

Workshops are conducted in our studios, at clients’ venues or via zoom for clients with global offices.

Contact us to find out more.

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