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Air Dried Foam / Bubble Clay - 50g tubs


This listing is for air dried FOAM / BUBBLE clay. For air dried polymer clay (without the foam beads texture), please refer to below listing:


Air Dried Modeling Polymer Clay - 24 colour Box Set


Our ever popular air dried clay. Non-toxic, non-sticky, great for children. Comes in a box set of 24 colours. Each colour about 15-20g.If you prefer individual tubs of 50g, please refer to below link: also sell this clay in big packs of 500g - contact us at 6..


Air Dried Modeling Polymer Clay - 50g tubs


Our ever popular air dried clay. Non-toxic, non-sticky, great for children. Sold in individual tubs of 50g (as per this listing).Box set of 24 colours are also available as per below link: This clay is also available in big packs of 500g - cont..


Darwi / Jovi Air Dried Clay (Classic White / Terracotta) 500g


Darwi / Jovi air hardening clay is suitable for children from the age of 4! It is a pleasure to use, has a pleasant and fresh feel and it doesn't stain in the way that clay does. It can be shaped by hand or by covering frames made of different materials (wire, wood...).Then you just leave it to dry naturally in the air for 24 hours, thereby elimina..


Miniature Air Dried Clay Food Art & Craft Set For Kids


Each set contains:- 4 coloured air dried clay- Various food art decoNote: This is not edible...


Mont Marte Kids Modelling Clay - 24 colours


PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONTwist, shape, mould and mix this soft and pliable modelling clay. These 24 bright colours can be mixed to offer an unlimited palette. The quality and flexibility of the modelling clay make it perfect for all skill levels from children through to professional animators. And the best part? The clay never hardens or shrinks so it ca..

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